Dates in Trillium

Trillium currently will accept a UTC date in Ticks format and then casted to a string.

Trillium will take this date and return a true or false. It will return True if the submitted date has already passed and will return false if the submitted date is still in the future from the current time.

Using Dates

Below will show how to use the dateProc("DateTimeInTicks") method. The times used are the following:

  • 5/31/2022 4:04:41 AM - Present time
  • 637895666816208168 //this will return true as this time has already passed
  • 5/31/2022 4:05:01 AM - Present time plus 20 seconds into future
  • 637895667016208170 // this will return false as this time has not passed

This process is used for dynamic NFTs that perform certain actions after a specific date has been reached.

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