How Does Trillium Work with The ReserveBlock (RBX)

Trillium is the tool that drives the smart contract processes that power NFTs on the RBX network. With Trillium users can create a new era of NFTs and then deploy it to the P2P network of RBX.

What Does RBX Do for Trillium?

RBX is the network layer to transport all smart contracts and perform transactions against.

RBX is also the layer at which the SENs are executed on demand and in real time for users as needed. This is a big advancement as it eliminates the need for a virtual machine and no longer a need for things like gas or fees for the smart contract functions.

The RBX network is where the mint, transfer, sale, and burn of all NFTs occur. One will also see specific NFT Transactions, but many NFTs can be coded to be dynamic and not require the need for a transaction while still maintaining the integrating on-chain.

Is Trillium already integrated into RBX Core?

Yes! Trillium is fully integrated in the core cli. There is also a source generator in the GUI that allows anyone to create smart contracts with zero programming knowledge at all!

To view more about the core CLI here: Go to RBX Core

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